• – Scottish roots? Want to learn more about your ancestors? Not sure where to begin? Hit brick wall? Let Janeology find the answers.


  • – Orkney Handmade furniture to traditional craftsmanship and creativity. Kevin has been making furniture since he left school and now is running his own business.
  • – For a wide selection of hand made crafts in Orkney. This is one of the widest selections of crafts on one website.
  • – Artisan Fused Glass – Whilst on holiday in Orkney whey not spend an afternoon with Nonnie making some fused glass pieces. Great fun and you get a lovely cup of tea and a biscuit or home bake.

Other interesting links

  • – This important relic of Orkney’s wartime heritage once defended Scapa Flow against enemy attack, and after being closed for many years it finally opens to the public in Spring 2012.
  • – HMS Tern – or Royal Naval Air Station Twatt – operated as a vital part of the Royal Navy’s presence in Orkney while Scapa Flow was the base for the Home Fleet in WWII. It was one of four airfields set up in Orkney during WWII.
  • – Private non profit making site full of Orkney history always up to date.
  • – For all local produce from handcrafts to food and drink and enjoy a meal in the cafe which serves fantastic food