About Your Guide

I’m Jean Ross and have lived in Orkney all my life: with a childhood spent playing in 8 feet snow drifts on the family farm to learning to swim in the chilly waters of Scapa Flow!

Sometimes you don’t see what’s around you until you look at it through a stranger’s eyes and this was certainly my experience when I started guiding at the world’s most northerly whisky distillery, Highland Park. The part of the job I loved most was meeting people and the satisfaction of enhancing their experience of the distillery. The opportunity arose to work at Maeshowe within the Heart of Neolithic Orkney’s World Heritage Site guiding people back through 5,000 years of Orcadian history.

During my time at Maeshowe the highlight of my year was not as you might expect in the summer but during the winter solstice. I saw many winter sunsets during that time and enjoyed every one as if it were the first. It’s a fascinating sight watching the sun make its way along the wall of the passageway, cross the floor and shine on the back wall of the tomb, this magical event is quite breath-taking.

I am a volunteer guide with The World Heritage Site Ranger Service guiding in the Heart of Neolithic Orkney, through this service I had training from Jane Malcolm-Davis who trains guides at Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court Palace, The Palace of Holyrood House and many more places. I have also completed a World Host course which I felt would enhance your experience with me.

I love Orkney and everything about it from its occasionally wild and varied weather to its broad range of wildlife, from its deep and varied history to its current vibrant art and craft community and look forward to welcoming you to share my home…Orkney.’